Croydon Pride strives for LGBT+ tolerance and equality within Croydon’s diverse communities by staging inclusive events. We are a UK-registered charity (1173230) and a company limited by guarantee (10555864), and any surplus funds we raise are reinvested back into the charity. 

We are responsible for organising Croydon PrideFest – London’s second largest Pride Festival – which has firmly become marked in south London’s LGBTQ+ calendar of events. We established ourselves as a charity in May 2017 with the purpose of keeping Croydon PrideFest a free event for all over the coming years. Croydon Pride receives no core government funding and funds are instead raised in a variety of ways including donations, sponsorship and fundraising events.

Aims and Objectives

Our activities provide a platform for every part of Croydon’s LGBT+ community to be visible, to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for freedoms that will allow Croydon’s LGBT+ community to lead genuinely equal lives in the borough. We aim to promote equality and diversity and to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity by:

1. Raising awareness of discrimination, issues and difficulties affecting the lives of Croydon’s LGBT+ community.

2. Cultivating a local culture of equality and diversity by celebrating the achievements and diversity of Croydon’s LGBT+ community.

3. Advancing education in LGBT+ equality and diversity;

4. Associating with voluntary organisations, governmental/public and/or private bodies to maximise the effectiveness of voluntary organisations working for LGBT+ equality and diversity; 

5. Staging and promoting LGBT+ events, including the annual Croydon PrideFest.

6. Providing support for equality of access for members of Croydon’s LGBT+ community to sports, training, employment, business or similar opportunities where there are barriers. 

7. Foster understanding between Croydon’s diverse communities.

8. Conduct, commission and publish research on Croydon LGBT+ diversity issues.

Meet the Board

Croydon Pride is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees who have oversight of and are accountable for all the charity’s activities, including the production of the annual Croydon PrideFest. Meet the Board below:

Paula Goodwin

Mark Watson

Fabio Schifano

Ashley Harbour

Damien Tysoe

Steven Hartwell