Dorian Reland

Dorian Reland


Pop Renegade blurring the lines between the mainstream and subculture. Oversexual babe living in London City.

Originally from Geneva (Switzerland), Dorian made the move to the city at the heart of European pop music in early 2014 to pursue a career in music.

Dorian sang in choirs during his high school years and trained his voice classically but was always drawn to songwriting and pop music, starting to write his own material at age 17. After having recorded a few early songs and his first music video for his track “Wasting My Time” in 2010, he realised where his future would be.

In 2013, Dorian released his first official single “Are You Ready?” and was featured as a lead in rock musical “Hermissia” (Switzerland) for the whole summer of the same year. He then released his single “Oversexual” in April 2014 and won “London’s Pride Got Talent 2014”, allowing him to perform on Trafalgar Square for London Pride 2014 in front of 30’000 people as the introducing act to the glamorous Conchita Wurst, winner of Eurovision 2013. Since then, Dorian released a couple of videos/singles such as his LGBT Rock and Roll anthem  “Sinsation” and his Pop-Grunge fetish jam “Life Is Hard” in 2015. He also released his debut EP “The Line” in April 2016.

Dorian’s sound is uplifting, hedonistic, twisted and unapologetic, relentlessly running on the spectrum from rock to pop, but never willing to be specifically defined. His debut EP, “The Line”, is an emotional revolution and an expression of anger towards a society that has forgotten its human core and feeds on a culture of misery. The record explores the pursue of boundless freedom.  Dorian himself is on a mission to blur the lines between the mainstream and what is considered to be subculture, playing with codes that define both while maintaining a commercial sound.

Dorian is a strong advocate of gay rights and his music revolves around the theme of breaking free from social formatting which forces its definition of normality upon all members of society. Dorian believes in everyone’s right and prerogative to live the life they feel they need, without moral judgment or obstacles from anyone..