Parade Walking Group Rules: Health and Safety Requirements
All groups taking part in the parade are required to meet the following specification to ensure the safety of parade participants and spectators.

Please ensure you have read the following document in full

If you have any questions regarding this document please email in the first instance.

Why do we need wristbands and how do we get them?
When you applied to be in the parade, you were asked how many people would be in your group. This is how we can work out space and maximise the number of groups who can attend. We also use this number to ensure the safety of people on the parade route. It is therefore recommended that group leaders distribute wristbands to participants in advance of parade day, or away from meeting point area.

Every person in the parade will need a wristband, without a wristband you cannot join the parade.

If the number of wristbands you require changes, please inform the parade managers as soon as possible, and we can confirm if your request can be met. There will be a cut off point for amendments, which will be either when all space has been allocated, or when the final parade order has been drawn up. Group leaders will be informed of the progress of this on a regular basis. Please be aware that there may be an additional charge, as per the original application values.

In the run up to parade day groups will have several opportunities to collect wristbands from us in Croydon venues.

What should I expect to happen when I get to our Meeting Point?
When you arrive at the parade meeting point you will be directed to your parade position by the Croydon Pride volunteers. When you reach your parade position, please make yourself known to your section supervisor who will register your group, and answer any last minute questions.

The parade meeting point will be very busy, but we aim to make this an enjoyable place to be. Closer to the parade day you will be sent all the details of your parade position and when you need to arrive. When the parade starts moving, your group will be directed by the Croydon Pride volunteers. Please ensure all of your parade group members follow instructions given, for safety and smooth running for all.

What about participants in my group, anything I should know?
Persons aged sixteen or under are the responsibility of your group, and should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Animals other than assistance animals should not be brought to the parade. The waiting area will be very busy, loud and there will be no areas for animals’ toilet requirement and this is not a suitable environment. During the parade there are no exit points, again, this makes it unsuitable for animals.

The Parade is for everyone to enjoy and no alcohol is to be consumed at any point before or during the Parade. If a participant is found with alcohol, drunk or under the influence of drugs they will be taken out of the Parade for safety reasons. No glass is permitted and plastic containers must be used for non-alcoholic beverages only. Any glass bottles or containers will be confiscated. Any persons found with alcohol may be asked to leave the Parade.

Drugs are strictly not permitted. Anyone seen taking or selling any drugs will be reported to the Police.

No nudity, lewd or offensive dress or behaviour is permitted and in such cases security will deal with the individuals concerned. Anyone naked or seen “flashing” will be removed from the Parade. You should ensure that you have an alternative costume on the day should you be asked to cover up. If in doubt, think of beach wear coverage as guidance, or ask the parade team in advance.
No obscenity or offensive material will be permitted in the parade at any point, by doing this your group may be asked to leave, and not able to participate in future Croydon Pride Fests.

Can we hand out leaflets?
Yes, we encourage you to promote yourself as much as possible. We request that your leaflets are eco-friendly and can be recycled.

Soliciting for money or charitable collections is strictly not permitted, unless it is by official Pride partners.

Stickers are not supported by Croydon Council due to their adhesive nature and the implications that this has on cleansing and road reopening times.

Can we hand out samples, merchandise or other items?
If you intend to hand out anything other than leaflets, please email the Croydon parade team and we will pass this information onto event management. The approval for distribution of anything other than leaflets must be cleared by the parade managers.

Can I use confetti?
No this is not permitted due to the implications on cleansing by Croydon Council. If groups are seen to be using Confetti a substantial financial penalty will be enforced to cover the additional cleansing time and resource required.

Can I play music?
Music is permitted whether it is recorded or live. Any music played must comply with the noise levels deemed appropriate by event management and security representatives. On your application you will have indicated if you intend to play music. We need to record and adhere to this for licensing purposes. If your application changes and you do intend to play music, recorded or live, please inform us in advance.  Please co-operate if you are asked to turn it down or off. A sound system if used must be battery powered.

Are there any additional recommendations?
It is recommended that you carry water and refreshments, even though the walking parade is only 30 minutes, on a hot day you will become dehydrated. Have clothing appropriate for the weather; keep warm and be prepared if it is raining, and please wear comfy footwear.

Please ensure that all of your group keep their personal belongings with them at all times, before, during and after the parade. Any unattended items should be reported to event management or security.

Health and safety
The health and safety of all participants in the Croydon parade is our main concern. Please follow all instructions given by Croydon Pride volunteers and/ or partners throughout the day. If there is an issue that you need to bring to our attention regarding safety, please inform event management or security who will deal the matter. 

What if there is a medical emergency?
If you are feeling unwell, or in the event of a medical emergency, or require first aid, please see your Croydon Pride representative or section leader who will access first aid via event control.

The Police
The Police assist with public order issues. Your first point of contact is Croydon Pride security, who will escalate any issues to the Police if necessary. Event security may instruct you to move to a safe area; this is not to be questioned and your Section Supervisor must be informed of any instructions given.

Any other questions?
Please email your query to